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You can contact us via email at the following address, which is used for all purposes. Note that clicking on it here will start your email application and auto-insert the address and a subject line.

our email:

If you are contacting us about an ad, make sure you include the Ad Id number found at the top left of the Ad's page.

Before contacting us, please read the following questions and answers:

  1. How long will my ad stay on the site?
    By default, every ad will automatically delete itself 60 days from the date it was first posted. You can delete it yourself at anytime.

  2. How can I edit my ad or delete it from the site?
    Note that there is an "Edit Ad" text button when you view the ad online. You can use this feature to fix or change anything on your ad or delete it. Notice there is an "ID#" in the top left of each ad. You'll need this and the password you gave the ad when you created it.

  3. I have forgotten the password I gave for my ad. How do I get it?
    It's simple to receive it via email. When you choose the Edit feature for your ad, click on the "Forgot password?" text-button you'll see on that page. Enter the email address you used when setting up the ad, and your password for that ad will be emailed to that address.

  4. Why can I not find my ad on the site?
    To prevent problems and spam issues, all ads must first be approved by one of our moderators before they can be seen publicly. In most cases this should occur soon, but there could be a delay due to many factors. If your ad doesn't appear in 24 hours, you may contact us. However, first please check our POLICIES to see if your ad may not be allowed.
We welcome your questions and reports.

Also, you can read or post questions on our Support Forum.

Note: Email is the preferred method to contact us. We do not respond to telephone calls. Also, please do not attempt to contact owners of web sites that may be affiliated with Lake Cumberland Trader and make it available on their sites. They are not responsible for the content or operation of Lake Cumberland Trader.

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